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C4DET is a multi-functional Discord Bot that can announce Free Fire Reward Codes, has the best Music system with the Best Quality, basic moderation, Levelling Systems, Economy and much more! Music System which supports Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud.

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Economy & Levelling

Economy systems which include interactive work commands, shop, crates and others. Customizable level-up system with Rank Cards and Leaderboards

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Moderation Systems

C4DET comes with great moderation commands, such as timeout, warn, ban, kick, check user's warn, clear messages, clear messages of specific user, see infractions and much more.

Codes Delivery

The main feature of C4DET is to deliver Free Fire Reward Codes as soon as they are shared! Fully Customizable messages, channels and roles.

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Music System

The best music system which supports over 900+ websites to play media content from.





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